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Industrial parquet

Industrial parquet is solid wood flooring made of oak boards fitted edge to edge to form rectangular boards. The boards are compacted and joined together with a tape that is removed during planing. Industrial parquet must be glued to the base and then sanded and varnished.

As flooring, it is stable, hard and durable. It is widely fitted in heavy-use areas such as sports centres, offices, ballrooms and other public spaces.

New trends in interior decoration (such as the onset of the industrial style) are making industrial parquet increasingly popular in private homes. The narrow boards and the marked differences in tone give interiors a dynamic character.

Its thickness means it can be renewed several times, which is an important advantage over floating floors. It is a practical type of parquet that is easily fitted and has very few problems for installation and everyday use.

Raw material: oak, smoked oak
Board dimensions: 250x640 mm
Width of lamellas on the surface : 10 mm
Thickness: 22 mm