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Oak barrels

Our company is the official distributor of the familiar Hungarian cooperage “DYNAMIS BARRELS” in the Spanish territory. We offer high quality oak barrels, manufactured exclusively from Quercus petraea species.

The origin of the oaks we use for barrel making is Zemplén Mountains, located in the northeast of Hungary. The volcanic soil, the severe climate and the consequent slow growth result in magnificent trees with straight trunks, dense wood and fine / medium-fine grain (4-7 rings per cm). These magnificent trees are cut when they are 120-150 years old.

The Quercus petraea of Zemplén is characterized by its low oxidative effect, discrete and spicy aromas. It has slightly less tannins than French oak and is less astringent. Respects the fruit characteristics of each variety, potentiate and enriches the wines during aging. It is highly recommended for long aging (6 months or more).

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